I will create a special lyrics video for your music

You are looking for a lyric video, right? 
I use  effects to make a custom lyric video for your music.

Let me tell you that you are in the right place. 

The lyric video that I made matches the vibe of your song, and I don't use templates to make it. So what you need is something that is tailored to your song, by making a lyric video that I made, you can have: 

 1080p video output adjusted by package, 

01. Add music title -30-90 second                                                                      ₨860

Background can be customized -Used kinetic typography effect Only a little background transition1 Day Delivery7 Revisions

02. Add music title -90-240 second₨1,719

Use liquid effects or match themes and background transition -Background can be customized1 Day Delivery6 Revisions

Add music title -90-300 seconds₨2,578

Use liquid effects -Background can be customized Unlimited revision - 4K
1 Day Delivery5 Revisions

before pleasing the order please contact me and I'd love to have work with you on your project

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